“A very good learning. I would want to apply all that I have learnt here in my work. The examples provided during this training are really helpful to me, for me to change myself and adapt into the situation. I have to also manage my emotions and accept others as how they are (beyond by  control). Excellent course with reliable topics that we may implement in our day to day life; not only for working purpose but personal life”.

- About Together, we Build Trust Through Service -
“I like the programme because we can upgrade myself and always remind to myself on customer service. I hope one year later I can give some extra tips for my supervisor. I will always be responsible to customer”. 

- About CONNECT -

Thank you so much trainer! You did a great job! I like the trainer’s sincerity. I really appreciate what you have taught us. All things we have learnt in these 2 days should be applied in every way, not just only  customer service. Appreciate your sharing and wish this learning will assist me to overcome and  understand customer needs better”. 

About WOW Experience -
“A good communication skills workshop. It boost my confident to communicate in the class. The  facilitator is good and friendly”. 

- About Developing Communication Skills -

“I have attended many trainings, but yours had a good impact on me. It was practical and easy to understand and incorporate. Please continue what you are doing. Thank you”.

- About Negotiation Skills -
“I enjoyed the session as it was not purely lecture based but had activities included which made it interesting”. 

- About Selling through Service -

“The training is all good and meets expectations. The training is well equipped with all the module to help everyone to perform our BAU excellently”. 

- About We Connect, We Serve -
“The trainer is very versatile and do a great job by giving appropriate training”.

- About Creative & Analytical Thinking -
“Facilitator was using suitable teaching skill and levels to the participant. The plan teaching is easy to learn and understand. Good and amazing trainer!” 

- About Think On Your Feet®
“Enjoyed the class and methodology throughout the 2-day training”. 

- About RISE (Managers) -
“Liked the practical sharing and enjoyed the engaging activities”. 

- About High Performing Sales Leadership Team -
This training is very different and interesting. It is less theoretical with lots of activities. 

-About Leadership Communication -
“I would like to give compliment to trainer. She is very good and competent in training Coaching Skill”. 

- About Coaching for Operational Excellence -
“Such an interactive training session to build and practice the coaching. I believe it is really useful to me in my daily life as well as my workplace”. 

- About Coaching for Peak Performance -
“It was an excellent and wonderful training experience! Would like to attend again!

- About Empowered Coaching -
“Excellent training! I totally didn’t expect the training brings so much impact to me. I wish my company will be able to let all the staffs to join this programme”. 

- About Leading Positive ResultsTM I Orange Frog -
“Very Interactive programme. Liked the Video clips with information in real situation and can be applied in daily work”.

- About Change EssentialsTM I Our Iceberg Is Melting -
“The training is very well-planned, and excellent facilitation for Change”. 

- About Achieving through Change -

Who We Are

We are a professional boutique training and consultancy company with in-depth working relationship with each and every of our client. Being small and professional allow us to be focused and yet flexible in meeting our clients’ needs, hence, helps our clients in building and implementing workable solutions.

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