mq Training Coaching Consulting is a human change facilitator, leveraging the combined benefits of Training, Coaching and Consulting to assist individual, company and organization in actualizing their goals through the change process. We are on the mission of “Empowering Human Capital by Accelerating their Thinking, Unleashing their Potential for Transformational Performance”.


We provide training solutions tailored to individual and company’s requirements.


Coaching is a one on one personalized and result-oriented conversation leading to action, success, and transformation.


Consulting is used alongside with training and coaching to build alignment with Strategy, Process, and Measurement for superior corporate results.



Empowered Coaching Skills

Date12th – 13th March 2020 (Thursday & Friday)

“Coaching is a powerful collaboration relationship between a coach and a willing individual or coach, which enables through process of discovery, goal setting, the realisation of new behaviours, and extraordinary results.”

A practical workshop leading participants through a step-by-step approach in coaching to enable participants equips with the coaching skills, and understands the benefits of it.

Shawn Achor’s Happiness Advantage Orange Frog Workshop: Leading Positive ResultsTM

Date9th – 10th April 2020 (Thursday & Friday)

Shawn Achor’s Happiness Advantage Orange Frog workshop: Leading Positive ResultsTM is on-site experiential workshop that teaches the science of sustainable peak performance.

The workshop attempts to break down barriers – real and perceived – to facilitate a transformation for leaders, teams, and ultimately, organizations.

Change EssentialsTM I Our Iceberg Is Melting

Date14th – 15th May 2020 (Thursday & Friday)

An interactive workshop experience that teaches leaders at all levels to drive change through the practical application of John Kotter’s PROVEN PRINCIPLES for effective change.

The experience connects the heart of those who must embrace and lead change today with the mindset necessary to ensure future success.