Problem Solving & Critical Thinking


Problem Solving & Critical Thinking

Date: 14 & 15 March 2024 (Thur & Fri)           

Time: 9.00am – 5.00pm (2 days)

Venue: Klang Valley

Problem-solving and effective decision-making are essential skills in today’s rapidly evolving risk landscape. Thus, we require a systematic yet creative approach to address today’s business concerns.

It is integral to equip oneself with skills to identify problems, to generate potential solutions and how to apply decision-making styles in order to implement and assess those solutions.

  • – Apply critical and synthesis-thinking skills for problem-solving and innovation
    – Challenge and re-think ideas to develop different risk management
    – Facilitate effective sessions with stakeholders for better ideation of risk business solutions
    – Encourage practices and behaviors to promote effective problem-solving and continuous improvement in risk management
    – Improve ability to identify, analyse, connect the dots and evaluate the issue effectively
    – Construct arguments to convince others confidential
Brief Outline:
  • 1. What is critical thinking? Its Barriers to Problem Solving
  • 2. Thinking about Problem Solving
  • 3. Problem Solving Tools
  • 4. Logic & Perceptions
  • 5. Analytical Thinking
Target Audience:
  • – Executives
    – Team Leaders
    – Managers

  • RM 3,800 per participant

Who We Are

We are a professional boutique training and consultancy company with in-depth working relationship with each and every of our client. Being small and professional allow us to be focused and yet flexible in meeting our clients’ needs, hence, helps our clients in building and implementing workable solutions.

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