Positive Work Habits


Positive Work Habits

Date: 26 July 2024 (Fri)          

Time: 9.00am – 5.00pm (1 day)

Venue: Klang Valley

As organization drive productivity and efficiency through enabling and equipping their employees to embody their purpose, focusing on new roles at work for personal growth and development, employees tend to fall into boring, mundane routine that can be demotivating and impact output.

Positive work environment and culture become more pivotal to have positive mindset shifts, build relevant capabilities and become everyday role-models for teams.

  • 1. Enable employees and leaders to have deeper self-awareness of the impact of embodying organization’s values and mission.
    2. Equip employees and leaders with know-how and methods of behaviour changes to support and sustain Positive Work Habits.
    3. Empower leaders with clear action plan for implementation, appoint an accountability buddy for progress and establish rewards for success
Brief Outline:
  • 1. Start with Why
  • 2. Mastery Of My Why – Who Do I Want to Be?
  • 3. Reframing My Behaviour & Change 
  • 4. The Power of Positive Work Habits 
  • 5. Win at Work! 
Target Audience:
  • All staffs

  • RM 1,800 per participant

Who We Are

We are a professional boutique training and consultancy company with in-depth working relationship with each and every of our client. Being small and professional allow us to be focused and yet flexible in meeting our clients’ needs, hence, helps our clients in building and implementing workable solutions.

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