Virtual Presenting Intelligence


Virtual Presenting Intelligence™

Date: 25th Nov & 1st Dec 2020 (Tues & Wed)          

Time: 9.00am – 1.00pm (2 x 4-hour per day)

Virtual Platform: ZOOM

In today’s environment we have to make every opportunity to communicate and present matter. The ability to analyse our audience, organise and structure our data quickly, then be able to present our ideas efficiently, effectively and in an engaging manner is a CORE skill for ALL.

With the move to virtual presentations and meetings, the challenge is greater – and so is the opportunity. Virtual meetings enable us to meet and interact with audiences who are geographically in different spaces, which was not always possible before.

Time goes faster, Points need to be clearer, and YOU need to be more impactful.

For best results, we need to prepare slightly differently for virtual environments than face-to-face and that is what this workshop is focused on.

At the same time, the basics of impactful presentations remain unchanged – your message needs to be structured and clear. Simple TOOLS, TECHNIQUES and TEMPLATES will be used on how to get clarity on your audience and messaging, to develop a customised presentation for that audience, that is both LOGICAL & ENGAGING at the same time.

Why Organisations use vPI to:
  • Equip people to speak up confidently and be persuasive – even when working from home or in virtual environments
  • Get their people to deliver clear, logical and engaging messages
  • Build online PRESENCE for their frequently invited speakers and presenters
  • Equip ALL presenters in the organisation to be more ENGAGING on virtual platforms – whether in meetings or formal presentations to senior partners and clients – with creative ways to keep the audience tuned-in.
Why YOU need this workshop:
  • You need to know HOW TO keep your audiences’ ENGAGED and INTERESTED in what you are presenting from beginning to end – even when you might not be able to see them
  • You are presenting technical or ‘boring’ data and information and you want to make it interesting for your audience
  • You want your audience to KNOW, DO or AGREE to something at the end of your presentation
  • You are a nervous presenter and you want to develop STYLE and calmness and confidence while presenting
Learning Outcome:
  • To Better PREPARE for presentations
  • To TAILOR presentations to the AUDIENCE
  • To ORGANISE & STRUCTURE presentation content
  • To DELIVER with Impact using best practices in Non-Verbal Communication (Voice and Gestures) – over video
  • Eye-Contact and Energy in the Virtual World
  • To CREATE VISUAL IMPACT with PowerPoint
Brief Outline:
  • Initial Presentations
  • Content Development
  • Visual Aids – Slides and More
  • Using Voice & Gesture on Video
  • Using Eye Contact & Posture on Video
  • Using Tech to your Advantage
  • Coaching – Practice – Feedback
  • Final Presentations
  • Action Planning
Target Audience:
  • Anyone who wishes to present well face to face and virtually
  • RM 1,200 per participant

Who We Are

We are a professional boutique training and consultancy company with in-depth working relationship with each and every of our client. Being small and professional allow us to be focused and yet flexible in meeting our clients’ needs, hence, helps our clients in building and implementing workable solutions.

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