The Power of Positivity in Customer-Centricity:
Enhancing Customer Experience


The Power of Positivity in Customer-Centricity: Enhancing Customer Experience

Date: 8 Dec 2023 (Fri) 

Time: 9.00am – 5.00pm (1 day)

Venue: SHRDC, Shah Alam

In today’s competitive business landscape, maintaining a customer-centric and positive mindset is not just advantageous; it’s essential.

Organization’s must actively engage and connect with customers to build stronger and more lasting relationships. A positive mindset within an organization fosters a culture of adaptability, resilience and a commitment to excellence. By combining a customer-centric focus with a positive mindset, it empowers organizations to adapt to customers changing expectations, ultimately leading to increased customer satisfaction, loyalty and business success.

  • • Gain a deeper understanding of how positivity and a customer-centric approach work together in creating customer experiences 
  • • Proactively identify shifts in consumer trends and expectations and adjust service delivery accordingly  
  • • Equip participants with techniques to engage with customers effectively in fostering stronger relationships and brand loyalty  
  • • Equip participants with techniques for maintaining positivity in embracing change and fostering a resilient mindset 
  • • Setting personal goals for integrating positivity into their customer-centric approach at work  
Brief Outline:
  • – Redefining Customer-Centricity
  • – Driving Customer-Centricity
  • – Fueling Positivity @ Work
  • – Applying Positivity in Customer Centricity
Target Audience:
  • All levels of staffs

  • RM1,800 per participant

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