Sales Negotiation


Sales Negotiation

Date: 23 & 24 Dec 2021 (Thurs & Fri)           

Time: 9.00am – 5.00pm (2 full days)

Virtual Platform: ZOOM

There is an art to negotiating effectively, and this is a balance between process and skill.

This program is designed to assist you in becoming a better negotiator. It takes you through the processes and focuses on the key skills required to negotiate effectively. It is highly interactive, practical and supportive. We use a variety of different learning approaches to explore the issues raised when negotiating, enabling you to work more effectively.

  • 1. To develop the skills to negotiate better
    2. To acquire an understanding of the psychology of people and their communication model
    3. To know exactly what words to say to engage the other person’s subconscious decision-making part of the brain.
Brief Outline:
  • 1. What Is Subliminal Persuasion
    2. The Art & Science Of Negotiation
    3. Plan Your Negotiations
    4. Execute Your Negotiation (I)
    5. Execute Your Negotiation (II)
    6. Negotiation Stance
    7. Putting It All Together
Target Audience:
  • Frontline staff
  • Supervisory staff
  • Executives
  • Management teams.
Target Audience:
  • RM 2,680 per participant

Who We Are

We are a professional boutique training and consultancy company with in-depth working relationship with each and every of our client. Being small and professional allow us to be focused and yet flexible in meeting our clients’ needs, hence, helps our clients in building and implementing workable solutions.

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