ALPHA Sales System


ALPHA Sales System

Date: 29 & 30 Dec 2021 (Wed & Thurs)           

Time: 9.00am – 5.00pm (2 full days)

Virtual Platform: ZOOM

Everybody knows that selling is an important skill, like driving, swimming and cycling. If we can learn to drive a car, swim or cycle, we can learn to sell effectively.

Great Sales people are NOT born but trained. The myth of a natural born sales person is debunked daily by unassuming sales champions. There are sales people who are extrovert as there are who are introvert. Most people knows of at least 1 person who started as a reluctant sales person, with none of the “natural” selling abilities but was trained, coached and sold his/her way to success.

Sales is the most natural skill every human learns from birth. Every baby knows to sell is to survive, they sell the pleasure of their smile or the pain of their cry to their carers when they want something. Everyone sold the some idea to a friend or family at some point in their lives. Every employee sold the idea of being hired during the interview. What is less understood is the decision making process.

  • 1. Understand the sales cycle and how the decision making process works
    2. Design an effective introduction that have prospects begging to listen to the presentation
    3. Design & Deliver an effective 5 minute presentation of your product that will have prospects asking for more
    4. Handle and pre-handle any objections that may arise
    5. Overcome sales reluctance and ask for the sale
Brief Outline:
  • 1. Selling 101
    2. ATTRACT
    4. PRESENT
    5. HANDLE
  • 6. ACTION
  • 7. Putting it All Together
Target Audience:
  • Sales Executives
    Frontline Executives
    Sales Leaders
Target Audience:
  • RM 2,680 per participant

Who We Are

We are a professional boutique training and consultancy company with in-depth working relationship with each and every of our client. Being small and professional allow us to be focused and yet flexible in meeting our clients’ needs, hence, helps our clients in building and implementing workable solutions.

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