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"Available In House to customize to your Business Needs"

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Shawn Achor's Happiness Advantage Orange Frog Workshop: Leading Positive ResultsTM 

Shawn Achor's Happiness Advantage Orange Frog workshop: Leading Positive ResultsTM is on-site experiential workshop that teaches the science of sustainable peak performance.

The workshop attempts to break down barriers - real and perceived - to facilitate a transformation for leaders, teams, and ultimately, organizationsRead More



Think On Your Feet® 

For Clarity, Brevity and Impact®

*Have you been insituations where you have been put in a spot with a "curve ball" question from your boss or clients or members of the press and public?

* And after you have answered, you wished you had said something differently?

* Have you wished you had the tools to get to your point quickly, succinctly and persuasively?  

If the answer to any of the three is a YES, you may need to learn the skills of Think On Your Feet®. Read More


Our Iceberg Is MeltingTM

An interactive workshop experience that teaches leaders at all levels to drive hange through the practical application of John Kotter's PROVEn PRINCIPLES for effective change. Read More


Empowered Coaching Skills 

"Coaching is a powerful. collaboration relationship between a coach and a willing individual or coach, which enables through process of discovery, goal setting, the realisation of new behaviours, and extraordinary results."

A practical workshop leading participants through a step-by-step approach in coaching to enable participants equips with the coaching skills, and understands the benefits of itRead More


Rethink. Reset. ResultsTM

Do you know someone who seems to have positive thins happen to them - for example they attract great clients and sales or even great projects to work on?

The you probably also know of others who attract the opposite? You know who they are as they constantly complain about the negative things in their lives.

Learning to RETHINK & RESET is a learnable skill, and it is just in time under circumstance of change now.  Read More


“I truly enjoy the workshop. I respect and admire Dr. Leong's in-depth knowledge on the matter and yet maintain a very professional and modest attitude. Definitely a leader by example”

A participant from Murphy Oil Sarawak who underwent 3-day “Leadership Essential Workshop” as part of the modules for their Leadership Development Programme,

The above course is enriching indeed. Sincerely, I'm thankful I've had a chance to attend and I believe most attendees would feel similarly. Your clear & precise presentation, course material & the guided role plays packed with ideas were essential in daily dealings within peers alike or with walk-in customers/callers. Confucius couldn't have said any better.... agree, the training doesn't stop here......... will improvise further by continuously practicing it

Pritam Kaur a/p Amar Singh, Customer Service Executive
One of the insurance companies in Malaysia Comments made after attended a 2-day in-house “Winning Interpersonal Relationship” workshop, which was conducted to improve the internal and external customer relationship

Ohh! Ms. Koo, I would like to share with you something interesting happening after I attended the "Service with Passion" training. Today, agents and agency clerk's so curious about me, they totally cannot accept why suddenly I am so kind, friendly, keep smiling and etc (more from previous time). =) Some of the agents asked me: "Are you okay?" "Are you not feeling well?" and one agency clerk also asked me: "Are you sick? Why suddenly so passionate with us? Totally cannot accept la…" Ha..Ha.. =p . Ms. Koo, they all totally cannot accept I'm passionate and feel uncomfortable and curious about it the whole day. I'll continue to apply the "PASSION" everyday for my work and daily life to seek good results.

Calvin Jong, Account Executive, Miri Branch
One of the insurance companies in Malaysia. Comments made after attended a 2-day in-house “Service with Passion” workshop, intended to ignite the fire in the branch staff in serving customers